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With the Age Verification extension, you can verify user ages without collecting personal data. The authentication result will simply confirm if the user meets the age requirement, without including sensitive information such as their full name or birthdate.


You'll need a Criipto tenant and domain to get started.

Create Age Verification application

  1. On your dashboard, navigate to the Applications tab and click Add application.
  2. When prompted to choose a product, select Age Verification, then click Create.

Create Age Verification application

  1. Fill in the details to create your application, then click Create application.
  2. You're all set: the Age Verification feature will be automatically enabled after creating the application.

If the Age Verification application type is not available, or you're running into any issues during application creation, please contact us via Slack or by email.


Triggering Age Verification

Age verification is triggered via a standard OpenID Connect integration using the following settings:

  • acr_values=urn:age-verification
  • login_hint=country:{country}, {country} can be one of DK|SE|NO|FI. This determines the eID provider for user authentication.
  • scope=openid is_over_18; Other supported values are: is_over_15, is_over_16, is_over_21.

Example JWT

The resulting JWT will indicate whether the user meets the age requirement. Personal data, such as the user's full name and birthdate, is not included.

"sub": "{0c25a0b4-e540-4a49-80d4-409e71eee39c}",
Persistent pseudonym. Uniquely identifies an eID user (per Criipto Verify tenant)
"": {
"country": "DK",
"is_over_18": true

The sub field is random for each login and cannot be used to correlate the user.

Authorize URL Builder

General parameters

Also known as 'realm'
Also known as 'Callback URL'
`code` is the recommended response_type and enables PKCE and back-channel flows. `id_token` is deprecated but useful for debugging with ``
Should be a cryptographically strong value
Can be any value supplied by your application, often used to carry information about the original user's session.
	scope=openid openid is_over_18&

OPTIONAL: use your own MitID service provider
If you prefer to use your own MitID service provider instead of the one provided by Criipto, you have the option to do so.
During installation, flip the Use own MitID setting to enabled, and then ensure that your Criipto application has allowed https://{YOUR_CRIIPTO_DOMAIN}/extensions/ext_ageverification/api/callback as a callback URL. Extensions Catalogue