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  2. Norwegian BankID

JWT/Token examples

Kodebrikke and Mobile authenticators

Triggered with acr_values=urn:grn:authn:no:bankid

The level of assurance for these authenticators are: High

"identityscheme": "nobankid-oidc",
Overall eID used to authenticate
"nameidentifier": "ee9b1bb905a6458e9f3b9d068f1a3765",
Legacy format of 'sub'
"sub": "{ee9b1bb9-05a6-458e-9f3b-9d068f1a3765}",
Persistent pseudonym. Uniquely identifies an eID user (per Criipto Verify tenant)
"uniqueuserid": "9578-6000-4-351726",
Identifies the legal person corresponding to the login (just like the socialno does, but is not considered to be sensitive)
"certissuer": "CN=BankID - TestBank1 - Bank CA 3,OU=123456789,O=TestBank1 AS,C=NO;OrginatorId=9980;OriginatorName=BINAS;OriginatorId=9980",
"certsubject": "CN=CriiptoTest\\, Mikkel,O=TestBank1 AS,C=NO,SERIALNUMBER=9578-6000-4-351726",
"birthdate": "1946-03-27",
"socialno": "27034698436",
Social security number
"family_name": "CriiptoTest",
"given_name": "Mikkel",
"name": "Mikkel CriiptoTest",
"country": "NO"

The uniqueUserId identifies the legal person corresponding to the login, and is not considered sensitive.

Biometric authenticator (BankID app)

Triggered with acr_values=urn:grn:authn:no:bankid:substantial

The level of assurance for this authenticator is: Substantial

Note that there is no certsubject returned when using Biometrics.

"identityscheme": "nobankid-oidc",
Overall eID used to authenticate
"authenticationtype": "urn:grn:authn:no:bankid:substantial",
acr_values used to authenticate
"nameidentifier": "cde37629c67b4318988ca0b378931e7d",
Legacy format of 'sub'
"sub": "{cde37629-c67b-4318-988c-a0b378931e7d}",
Persistent pseudonym. Uniquely identifies an eID user (per Criipto Verify tenant)
"uniqueuserid": "9578-6000-4-476957",
Identifies the legal person corresponding to the login (just like the socialno does, but is not considered to be sensitive)
"certissuer": "CN=BankID - TestBank1 - Bank CA 3,OU=123456789,O=TestBank1 AS,C=NO;OrginatorId=9980;OriginatorName=BINAS;OriginatorId=9980",
"birthdate": "1941-08-16",
"dateofbirth": "1941-08-16",
"emailaddress": "",
"email": "",
"mobilephone": "90724328",
"phone_number": "90724328",
"socialno": "16084138758",
Social security number
"family_name": "CriiptoTestesen",
"surname": "CriiptoTestesen",
"given_name": "Mikkel",
"givenname": "Mikkel",
"name": "Mikkel CriiptoTestesen",
"country": "NO"

Test users

Two types of Norwegian BankID are available:

  1. Web based BankID with a hardware token. Also called Netcentric accounts, test users from this type of BankID may be created and used on the fly.
  2. Mobile BankID. Norwegian mobile BankID is based on a so-called SIM card application which means you need a special SIM card issued by one of the Norwegian carriers.

Creating netcentric test users

Test users are created through the web page at

  1. Go to the "TEST NUMBER GENERATOR" to generate a random, valid SSN.
    If you want to test BankID Biometric, please make sure that the "Synthetic" checkbox is unchecked before generating a new number. BankID Biometric app does not currently support synthetic SSN numbers, so you won't be able to use them for testing.
  2. It now says "Could not find any bankIDs for ...".
  3. Fill out the first name, last name, and BankID friendly name.
  4. Click "Order" to initiate the process.
  5. Click the pencil icon and add a phone number and an email that you want to associate with the test user.
    You can use any values that match the correct email and phone number formats (note that the number of digits will differ per country). Random values are acceptable as you'll be able to access the one-time codes via URLs, as shown in steps 5 and 11 of the Testing BankID Biometric section.
  6. Once the process is complete, you will have a test user. User name is the generated SSN, one time password (OTP) is always "otp", and password is always "qwer1234".

It can take up to 1 hour before a newly created test user is activated.

You can test it out at our authentication demo site, which is a small sample hosted by Criipto.

Renewing netcentric test users

If you run into issues with test users created earlier (e.g. errors when entering the one time password), your test user certificate might have expired.

BankID test user error

This can be fixed by ordering a new netcentric BankID:

Order new BankID

Testing BankID Biometric

Start by creating a netcentric test user as described above.

You will then need to install the test version of the BankID App. Contact our support team to get access to the iOS (distributed via TestFlight) or Android version of the test app. In your request, please provide the email address linked to your Apple ID (for iOS) or your Google account for the Play Store (for Android) used for testing. Our team will get back to you with confirmation and download links for the test app.

The app must be activated before first use:

  1. Press the Activate BankID app button
  2. Press the Activate button
  3. Enter the birth number (SSN) for the test user you created and press the Next button
  4. Enter the phone number you associated to the test user and press the Next button
  5. Open the following page to get your your SMS one-time code (after replacing the {yourTestSsn} placeholder with your actual test-SSN):{yourTestSsn}
    Note: The page might need to be refreshed several times, and if multiple activations are done in a short period, old SMS codes may be shown. Only the newest activation code will at any point be valid
  6. Type the one-time code that is shown on the website into the app and press the Next button
  7. Select Alternative activation in the next page
  8. Press the Get activation codes button
  9. Proceed past the information pages that explain What you need and the Steps to activate with the chosen method
  10. Press the Send email button in the "Is this your email?” screen
  11. Open the following page to get your email activation codes (once again, replace the {yourTestSsn} placeholder with your test-SSN){yourTestSsn}
  12. Type the code words that are shown on the website into the app and press the Next button
  13. Press the Next button in the "Log in using BankID to complete the activation” screen
  14. Wait until BankID client has loaded in the browser. Pick BankID app in the method list if it is not already preselected.
  15. Type "qwer1234” as personal password and click the blue arrow button to the right
  16. A progress bar will appear and when finished you will be activated
  17. Enable biometrics (which will take you through a flow where you must agree to the terms and conditions)
  18. Run your first biometrics-based login

Testing Mobile BankID

For testing you may order up to three test SIM cards through Criipto once you have signed up for Norwegian BankID.

Data and consent for Norwegian BankID

Available data / scopes

Basic user information, full name, and date of birth are always made available. Additional data may be requested and is released with explicit user consent only.

For applications configured to use a dynamic scope strategy, the following scope tokens can be supplied: address, email, phone and ssn.

Data typeReleasedVerifiedscopelogin_hint
Full nameAlwaysYes
Date of birthAlwaysYes
SSN ("fødselsnummer" in Norwegian)User consentYesssnscope:ssn
AddressWith user consentNoaddressscope:address
EmailWith user consentNoemailscope:email
Phone numberWith user consentNophonescope:phone

Example (partial) authorize request with scopes email address&...

Alternatively, you can send them in the login_hint scope:address&...

which can be a useful if you are working with technology that does not let you control the scope value.

Access to the SSN is governed by Norwegian law, as described in the Ordering Norwegian BankID guide.

The unverified data are supplied by end-users and not verified by Bidbax (operator of BankID) or the Norwegian banks.

Consent model

End-users must explicitly grant consent to releasing the data to you.

The consent model is enforced by Bidbax, and they also provide the consent and data collection dialogs.

Forced and optional consent

If you request SSN, it will be treated as a required value. End users will not be allowed to complete a login until they have explicitly given their consent to release SSN.

All other additional data are treated as optional values. A login may complete even if the user does not consent to release the requested data.

Consent to SSN will be stored by Criipto for 1 year for your tenant, after which the user must provide explicit SSN consent again.

Criipto does not store the SSN itself, just the fact that the user has granted your tenant access to it.

You can add a "forget-me" link on your website if you want to let users revoke the consent again. Use a normal authorize request as target, but add a prompt=consent_revoke query parameter to the request. Criipto will then run a login flow (to be able to recognize the end user), and delete the granted consent.

You can learn more about authorize requests in our authorize URL builder.


You can use the Criipto management dashboard to configure access to the optional user data, in the Identity Sources -> NO BankID section.

Ordering Norwegian BankID

To start accepting real users with Norwegian BankID, you must first request your client credentials from Bidbax. The credentials consists of a client id and a client secret.

Prerequisites for ordering

In order to apply for the BankID client credentials for a company you must meet the basic requirements:

  • Your company must be a customer of a Norwegian Bank. Most banks in Norway are part of the BankID network.
  • The person that will sign the contract must be in possession of one of these personal eIDs: Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID, or Danish MitID.
  • You must have completed step 5 in the Getting ready for production guide. You will need the production domain to complete the order for your client credentials.

New customers

The BankID OIDC Biometrics option is now available when ordering BankID.

Biometrics is always included in the basis agreement.

Existing customers

Due to new terms and conditions in the agreement, you must send us an updated application if you wish to use BankID Biometrics.

BankID Biometrics assurance level

BankID Biometrics assurance level is “Substantial”.

Learn more about assurance levels.

If you can only use assurance level “High” in your login flow, you must explicitly specify the login_hint=BID in your authorize requests to Criipto Verify. Please note that using login_hint=BID will disable biometrics in the BankID app.

Modifying user flows

By default, the user flow is controlled by the user-defined settings of the BankID app: no additional configurations required. If necessary, you can adjust the user flow by adding a login_hint to the authorize URL.

The table below provides a list of options for using login_hint with Norwegian BankID, and the resulting user flows. Check our guide on prefilled fields to learn more.

login_hint=BIDThe user will be redirected to the BankID app, with biometrics disabled. The user will be queried for userID(i.e. national identity number) in the first dialogue.
login_hint=BID:<SSN>, where <SSN> has the format DDMMYYXXXXXThe user will be redirected to the BankID app (with biometrics disabled) along with a pre-selected userID. The userID dialogue is omitted in this case.
login_hint=BISThe user will be redirected to the BankID app. The user will be queried for userID in the first dialogue. This option does not disable biometrics.
login_hint=BIS:<SSN>, where <SSN> has the format DDMMYYXXXXXThe user will be redirected to the BankID app with a pre-selected userID. This option does not disable biometrics.
no login_hint providedThe default settings of the BankID app on the user's device will determine the flow (whether biometrics are enabled or disabled).

Ordering the client credentials

To order production credentials please send a request to

with answers to these questions:

  1. A short description of what your application does and why it needs BankID.
  2. Your company: Name, organisation number, and address
  3. General contact person at your company for BankID related communication: Name, mobile phone, and email
  4. Person registered in the business registry with authorization to sign the agreement: Name, mobile phone and email
  5. Your company’s Norwegian bank: Name, organisation number, and address
  6. Contact person with authorization to receive the client credentials and client secret: Name, mobile phone, and email
  7. Contact person with authorization to block/revoke the use of BankID: Name, mobile phone, and email
  8. The display name to appear in the login app. E.g. the name of your company or your specific service. (See the image below)
  9. The URL of your production domain as setup in step 4 of the Getting ready for production
  10. If you need access to social security numbers (“fødselsnummer”) please provide a thorough explanation of why and reference the Norwegian law and paragraph that grants you the right to receive them. If SSN is needed, then the reference to the Norwegian Law and Paragraph is mandatory.
  11. Finally - if you are not a Norwegian company - you must enclose a company certificate from the official business registry of the country of incoporation.

BankID login

Next steps

After Criipto has received the above information, we order the client credntials from your bank by filling out an online agreement, which is then sent to the appointed persons at your company for signing. Criipto will also sign the agreement

When all signatures are in place the signed agreement is sent to your bank for further processing and eventual issuance of your client credentials.

Once you have received credentials, they must be entered into the Criipto Verify management UI to configure your NO BankID integration.