1. eIDs
  2. ItsME

JWT/Token example

Basic level, with Extra ID Data and Security Data enabled

"identityscheme": "itsme",
Overall eID used to authenticate
"authenticationtype": "urn:grn:authn:itsme:basic",
acr_values used to authenticate
"nameidentifier": "ba36dba1f5c6402ca3008d2abc1ac5b5",
Legacy format of 'sub'
"sub": "{ba36dba1-f5c6-402c-a300-8d2abc1ac5b5}",
Persistent pseudonym. Uniquely identifies an eID user (per Criipto Verify tenant)
"deviceinfo": {
"os": "IOS",
"appName": "ItsMe-E2E",
"appRelease": "2.4.0",
"deviceLabel": "iPhone12,1",
"debugEnabled": "false",
"deviceID": "9cae3bc120c14c9ab7cce80dc273e653a",
"osRelease": "14.2",
"manufacturer": "Apple",
"hasSimEnabled": null,
"deviceLockLevel": "FACE_ID",
"smsEnabled": "true",
"rooted": "false",
"imei": null,
"deviceModel": "iPhone",
"sdkRelease": ""
"transactioninfo": {
"info": null
"placeofbirth": {
"city": "Uccle",
"country": "BE",
"formatted": "Uccle BE"
"birthdate": "1980-01-01",
"phone_number_verified": "true",
"phone_number": "+32 425010937",
"email_verified": "false",
"email": "",
"nationalnumber": "42501093792",
"gender": "male",
"family_name": "Dierckx",
"given_name": "Alexandre",
"name": "Alexandre Dierckx",
"address": {
"formatted": "Havenlaan 1 1000 Brussel BE",
"common_name": null,
"street_address": "Havenlaan 1",
"postal_code": "1000",
"city": null,
"locality": "Brussel",
"region": null,
"country": null

Test users

You will need to enroll with the Itsme organization to get access to test accounts, which can be used in the Itsme Sandbox environment.

The process is described here - just note that the integration guidelines of that documentation is not relevant for you, as you are integrating via Criipto's pre-built Itsme integration. It is all just a matter of configuring your project settings in our management UI.