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By default, Criipto Verify uses the Accept-Language HTTP request header to figure out which language the user prefers.

You can override this per authentication request by specifying a ui_locales query parameter. This works for both OpenID Connect and WS-Federation, even if WS-Federation does not have protocol support for per-request language selection.

The actual support for controlling the language varies by eID method

  1. Danish NemID: Both keycard-based methods support da and en. Keyfile is only available in danish.
  2. Norwegian BankID: nb and en supported.
  3. Norwegian Vipps Login: Language is controlled by user in the app.
  4. Swedish BankID: sv and en supported.
  5. Finnish BankID: fi, se and en supported.
  6. Dutch DigiD: User chooses language in the UI presented by Logius.