Use e-ID in your applications

For an introduction to Criipto Verify and e-ID, you may want to read the overview in the Getting Started section.

Criipto Verify supports two distinct use cases supported by most e-ID solutions:

  • Authentication. All e-ID services supports user authentication. With Criipto Verify you integrate using OpenID Connect (aka OIDC). For more on how to use OIDC with Criipto, please refer to the language and platform specific guides in the section on “Authentication Integration”. Also a general introduction to OIDC with Criipto Verify is available in the section on Using OIDC.
  • Digital Signatures. Due to the underlying use of asymmetric encryption by some e-ID services, like the Norwegian and Swedish BankID, digitally signing text is also supported through a proprietary Criipto API. More documentation on this will soon follow, but we have an example of how to program both plain text signing and PDF signing into your ASP.NET Core app

If you do not find the documentation you need, please do not hesitate to drop us a note at