1. e-IDs
  2. Swedish BankID

JWT/Token example

  "identityscheme": "sebankid",
  "nameidentifier": "1373c272b61a4cb588b29c44883fe62f",
  "sub": "{1373c272-b61a-4cb5-88b2-9c44883fe62f}",
  "ssn": "196802020575",
  "name": "Terne Paulsen",
  "given_name": "Terne",
  "family_name": "Paulsen",
  "ipaddress": "",
  "country": "SE"

The ssn field is the social security number.

Test users

Swedish BankID test users are created at the demo web site.

Even if the demo site is where you will actually create your test users, it does link to the general BankID technical page. As a Criipto Verify customer you don't have worry about most of what's this site, but on the page is also a link to the document describing in detail how to create and use test user accounts. The document is called something like "How to get a test BankID" and links to a PDF.

Note that, as is also described in the document, using test BankID users does require a reconfiguration of the BankID application. This means it cannot be used for real BankID. So if you are Swedish and already have BankID on your phone, you may want to use a spare phone for testing.

Ordering Swedish BankID

To start accepting real users with Swedish BankID, you must first request a certificate to identify your organization.

Criipto acts as a reseller for Swedbank, which means that you will have to go through a simple approval process with Swedbank. The process is managed by Criipto.

To order the actual certificate simply download this form and return a filled out copy to

Next steps

After Criipto has received the filled out form, we send it to Swedbank where it will be reviewed and typically approved within a few business days.

Once your organization and your intended use of BankID has been approved we will create and install the actual certificate in your Criipto tenant. and you will be ready to continue the process in the getting ready for production guide.