Create or get e-ID test users

Almost all e-ID types have a notion of test and real users.

Real users are real people logging in to a web site, thus voluntering their real name and typically also a social security number, SSN.

Test users are either created by you for the occasion, or we provide you with access to already created users.

You may refer to the sections below for test users for your choice of e-ID:

Swedish BankID

Swedish BankID test users are created at the demo web site.

Even if the demo site is where you will actually create your test users, it does link to the general BankID technical page. As a Criipto Verify customer you don’t have worry about most of what’s this site, but on the page is also a link to the document describing in detail how to create and use test user accounts. The document is called something like “How to get a test BankID” and links to a PDF.

Note that, as is also described in the document, using test BankID users does require a reconfiguration of the BankID application. This means it cannot be used for real BankID. So if you are Swedish and already have BankID on your phone, you may want to use a spare phone for testing.

Norwegian BankID

Two types of Norwegian BankID are available:

  1. Web based BankID with a hardware token. Also called Netcentric accounts, test users from this type of BankID may be created and used on the fly
  2. Mobile BankID. Norwegian mobile BankID is based on a socalled SIM card application which means you need a special SIM card issued by one of the Norwegian carriers.

Creating netcentric test users

Test users are created through the web page at

  1. Go to the “TEST NUMBER GENERATOR” to generate a random, valid SSN
  2. It now says “Could not find any bankIDs for …”
  3. Fill out the first name, last name, and BankID friendly name.
  4. Click “Order” to initiate the process
  5. Once the process complete you now have a test user. User name is the generated SSN, one time password (OTP) is always “otp”, and password is always “qwer1234”

You can test it out at our authentication demo site, which is a small sample hosted by Criipto.

Testing Mobile BankID

For testing you may order up to three test SIM cards through Criipto once you have signed up for Norwegian BankID.

Norwegian Vipps Login

In order to test Vipps Login you need to install the Vipps app in a special test version on your device. Follow the Vipps guide for intstructions on how to set up test apps.

In order to test you also need a test phone number. Write to and put something like “Vipps Login test number” in the subject line.

Danish MitID

You create personal MitID tet users at

  1. Just use the autofill button and then change the details to you liking
  2. If you haven’t done so already install the test app from
  3. You can test your new users by using the “Flows” menu at the top of the screen.

MitID test tool

Danish NemID

For personal NemID test users, you may create them at Login in with username oces and password nemid4all. Don’t worry about the message about not being supported.

First, note that you can search out already created test users by filling out the search field at the top of that page. This may be convenient if you’ve lost the link to the user page.

If you just need to do a quick login test, you may use this test user instead of going throught the steps below: (If all the OTP codes have been used, just issue a new OTP card, but click the link for that.)

That said the steps to create a test user are fairly simple:

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Autofill” button
  2. Important. Remember to check the checkbox that says “Activate”. If you don’t you can’t use the test user
  3. Take note of the password - or set your own.
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Don’t worry if you see the same form again. At the bottom you have a Java exception: java.lang.NullPointerException in red
  6. Copy the “Alias” or the “CPR” and search for it using the “View existing idenity” search field at the top
  7. Now you will see the page with all the details for the user.

NemID personal test user

NemID test users for employees (medarbejder-signatur)

The current OTP card(s) can be accessed on the same testtools-site as above.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the testtools-site to create your own test-employee users. If you need to have your own test-MOCES accounts created, you must contact NETS directly.

Finnish BankID

A set list of test users for the different banks are given below. Sometimes the test credentials will be shown also on the actual login page at the bank.


Käyttäjätunnus: 12345678
Salasana: 123456
Turvaluku: 1234
Turvaluku 2: 1234

Danske Bank

Must use your own customer credentials. No real cash is withdrawn from your bank account.


Käyttäjätunnus: 11111111
Salasana: 123456
Turvaluku: 123456
Turvaluku 2: 123456


Käyttäjätunnus: 12345678
Salasana: any numbers
Tunnusluku: any four numbers
Tunnusluku 2: any four numbers


Tunnus: 123456
Salasana: 1234
Vahvistustunnus: any four numbers

OP / Osuuspankki

Käyttäjätunnus: 123456
Salasana: 7890
Avainluku: any four numbers

POP Bank Käyttäjätunnus: 11111111
Salasana: 123456
Turvaluku: 123456
Turvaluku 2: 123456


Käyttäjätunnus: 12345678
Salasana: any numbers
Tunnusluku: any four numbers
Tunnusluku 2: any four numbers

Savings bank

Käyttäjätunnus: 11111111
Salasana: 123456
Turvaluku: 123456
Turvaluku 2: 123456


Käyttäjätunnus: 12345678
Salasana: any numbers
Tunnusluku: any four numbers
Tunnusluku 2: any four numbers

Oma Säästöpankki

Käyttäjätunnus: 11111111 / 22222222
Salasana: 123456
Turvaluku: 123456
Turvaluku 2: 123456


You will need to enroll with the Itsme organization to get access to test accounts, which can be used in the Itsme Sandbox environment.

The process is described here - just note that the integration guidelines of that documentation is not relevant for you, as you are integrating via Criipto’s pre-built Itsme integration. It is all just a matter of configuring your project settings in our management UI.

Belgian eID

This login method is smartcard based, so you will need both a smartcard reader and accompanying cards.

For test domains, you can use both test-specific cards and also “live” cards. The only difference is that on test domains, the data from the card will not be verified after being read.

For production domains, you cannot use test cards, as the data on these cannot be verified.

German Sofort

3 pre-created test accounts exist - 1 can be used for a succesful login, the other 2 will return errors.

You will be prompted for an account number and a PIN during login. You can use pretty much any values you like, as long as you specify 4 characters for the account number and 3 characters for the PIN.

Test account Valid Account Number PIN
Hans-Gerd Warnecke yes 4+ characters 3+ characters
Petra Mustermann no 4+ characters 3+ characters
Max Mustermann no 4+ characters 3+ characters

Full account details are available in the Sofort documentation