Request a specific e-ID type

Criipto Verify supports a range of country and bank specific e-ID services. They are all accessed through the same endpoints, e.g. https://<YOUR COMPANY>

To pick the login method you must set the acr_values parameter on the authentication request in order to choose the type of authentication you want. How you set this query string parameter varies with programming platform and your OpenID Connect library of choice.

The current list of possible values is:

Login method acr_values
Norwegian BankID  
  Mobile or Web (user choice):  urn:grn:authn:no:bankid
Norwegian Vipps Login  
  Login with Vipps app:  urn:grn:authn:no:vipps
Swedish BankID  
  All options (user chooses):  urn:grn:authn:se:bankid
  Same device: urn:grn:authn:se:bankid:same-device
  Another device (aka mobile):  urn:grn:authn:se:bankid:another-device
  QR code:  urn:grn:authn:se:bankid:another-device:qr
Danish NemID  
  Personal with code card:  urn:grn:authn:dk:nemid:poces
  Employee with code card:  urn:grn:authn:dk:nemid:moces
  Employee with code file:  urn:grn:authn:dk:nemid:moces:codefile
Danish MitID  
  Level low:  urn:grn:authn:dk:mitid:low
  Level substantial:  urn:grn:authn:dk:mitid:substantial
Finish e-ID  
  BankID: urn:grn:authn:fi:bank-id
  Mobile certificate (Mobiilivarmenne):  urn:grn:authn:fi:mobile-id
  Both of the above: urn:grn:authn:fi:all
  Basic: urn:grn:authn:itsme:basic
  Advanced: urn:grn:authn:itsme:advanced
  Verified e-ID urn:grn:authn:be:eid:verified
  Sofort (with Schufa check) urn:grn:authn:de:sofort