Data and consent for Norwegian BankID

Available data

Basic user information, full name, and date of birth are always made available. Additional data may be requested and is released with explicit user consent only.

Data type Released Verified
Full name Always Yes
Date of birth Always Yes
SSN (“fødselsnummer” in Norwegian) User consent Yes
Address With user consent No
Email With user consent No
Phone number With user consent No

Access to the SSN is governed by Norwegian law, as described in the Ordering Norwegian BankID guide.

The unverified data are supplied by end-users and not verified by Vipps or the Norwegian banks.

End-users must explicitly grant consent to releasing the data to you.

The consent model is enforced by Vipps (operator of BankID), and they also provide the consent and data collection dialogs.

If you request SSN, it will be treated as a required value. End users will not be allowed to complete a login until they have explicitly given their consent to release SSN.

All other additional data are treated as optional values. A login may complete even if the user does not consent to release the requested data.


You can use the Criipto Verify management dashboard to configure access to the optional user data, in the Identity Sources -> NO BankID section.