Ordering Norwegian Vipps Login

To start accepting real users to log in with the Norwegian Vipps app, you must first request a set of secret keys - so-called client credentials from Vipps AS.

Ordering the client credentials

Before you can order the credentials from Vipps you will need to have created a production domain in Criipto Verify as describe in the Getting ready for production guide).

Once you have set up the production domain go to the “Identity sources” section and take note of the URL displayed. It must be supplied when ordering the client credentials.

NO Vipps setup

To order the actual credentials please go to the Vipps order page located at https://vippsbedrift.no/signup/logginnmedvipps and fill out the form as described.

Note that the bears some resemblance to the form used to order Vipps for payment so please consider the notes below when filling out the form:

  • The filed labelled “Navn på salgssted slik det vil vises for kunden i Vipps-appen” is to be filled out with the name that should appear in the Vipps app when a user logs in
  • In the section labelled “Organisasjonens kontaktinformasjon” please enter the name and details of the person that will receive the secret keys. This person will also be granted access to the Vipps administration portal

Next steps

After you have order the client credentials by filling out the online agreement it is proccessed by Vipps. And if you are approved, the designated contact person will receive the credentials.

Once you have received the client credentials, they must be entered into the Criipto Verify management UI, as indicated in the above image, to configure your NO Vipps Login integration.