Ordering Norwegian BankID

To start accepting real users with Norwegian BankID, you must first request your client credentials - a set of secret keys - from the Norwegian BankID organisation.

Ordering the client credentials

To order the actual keys please send a request to


with answers to these questions:

  1. A short description of what your application does and why it needs BankID.
  2. Your company: Name, organisation number, and address
  3. General contact person at your company for BankID related communication: Name, mobile phone, and email
  4. Your company’s Norwegian bank: Name, organisation number, and address
  5. Contact person with authorization to block/revoke the use of BankID: Name, mobile phone, and email
  6. Person registered in the business registry with authorization to sign the agreement: Name and email
  7. If you need access to social security numbers (“fødselsnummer”) please provide brief explanation of why and reference the Norwegian law and paragraph that grant you the right
  8. Contact person with authorization to receive the secret keys: Name, mobile phone, and email
  9. The display name to appear in the login app. E.g. the name of your company or your specific service. (See the image below)
  10. Web address of your company
  11. The URL of your production domain as setup in step 5 of the Getting ready for production
  12. Finally - if you are not a Norwegian company - you must enclose a company certificate from the official business registry of the country of incoporation.

BankID login

Next steps

After Criipto has received the above information, we order the client credntials from your bank by filling out an online agreement, which is then sent to the appointed persons at your company for signing. Criipto will also sign the agreement

When all signatures are in place the signed agreement is sent to your bank for further processing and eventual issuance of your client credentials.

Once you have received credentials, they must be entered into the Criipto Verify management UI to configure your NO BankID integration.