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  2. Sofort

JWT/Token example

Schufa age-check is always included

  "identityscheme": "germansofort",
  "nameidentifier": "e59be66bf048495f97aca1db8e597fe2",
  "sub": "{e59be66b-f048-495f-97ac-a1db8e597fe2}",
  "given_name": "HANS-GERD",
  "family_name": "WARNECKE",
  "age": "67",
  "birthdate": "1953-01-16",
  "agecheck_result": "valid",
  "address": {
    "street_address": "ALTENBURGER STR. 10",
    "postal_code": "38444",
    "city": "WOLFSBURG",
    "country": "DE"

Test users

3 pre-created test accounts exist - 1 can be used for a succesful login, the other 2 will return errors.

You will be prompted for an account number and a PIN during login. You can use pretty much any values you like, as long as you specify 4 characters for the account number and 3 characters for the PIN.

Test accountValidAccount NumberPIN
Hans-Gerd Warneckeyes4+ characters3+ characters
Petra Mustermannno4+ characters3+ characters
Max Mustermannno4+ characters3+ characters

Full account details are available in the Sofort documentation