Order e-ID certifiates for production

Before you are ready to accept production logins/signatures with real BankID, NemID etc. you must first obtain a certificate that identities your organisation to the end user signing in.

For each type of e-ID you must go through a separate process:

  • NemID is ordered directly by you from Nets and you will be invoiced directly by Nets based on your actual usage of NemID. Read our short guide here.
  • Norwegian BankID is ordered and invoiced through Criipto. We are a registered reseller of Norwegian BankID. Please follow the steps described in our guide
  • Swedish BankID is ordered through and invoiced through Criipto. We partner with Swedbank who must first approve your organization for BankID. Please fill out the Swedbank form as described here.
  • Finnish BankID and mobile certificate requires no additional steps. Once you have taken out a paid subscription for Criipto you are ready to go
  • Dutch DigiD is ordered through Logius. We don’t yet have our own description of this process, but please go to Logius’ website to connect to the DigiD service.